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Septic Services

A septic system, properly installed and maintained, is a good way to treat wastewater and to protect groundwater quality when municipal sewer service is not available. Learn More

Pump Outs

Complete septic system pumping services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties are one of our specialties. We often provide same day service in addition Learn More

Drain Fields

Septic drain field maintenance and service is important to keep your system efficient and compliant. The size and type of your drain field will depend on the daily wastewater Learn More

Aerobis Septic

Aerobic Treatment Systems or Aerobic Waste Water system contains aerobic bacteria completely different from septic bacteria. With a constant need for air movement, aerobic bacteria are Learn More

Grease Traps

Grease Traps for restaurants and commercial kitchens are an absolute necessity if you don’t want to be shelling out for expensive sewer line cleaning and flushing. Learn More

About Us

Sauer Septic Systems is an environmentally friendly company of professionals dedicated to quality septic tank service by sustaining a profitable and diversified organization. Learn More


About Us

Sauer Septic Systems is dedicated to providing the highest quality septic tank service in Central Florida. Built on trust, respect and teamwork, we’re recognized for providing top quality septic services while finishing on time at rates that will never surprise you. We’re also dedicated to conserving the beautiful Central Florida environment as a proud green company. All of our drainfields and septic systems rely on recycled and Earth-friendly products and materials in order to keep precious ground-water clean.